Petrissage can be used to treat a wide variety of muscular disorders and can provide relief from muscle pain, stiffness and tension. Petrissage is often used in conjunction with other massage techniques such as Effleurage and Swedish Massage.

There are many different types of Petrissage techniques, but all of them involve some form of compression and release of the muscle tissue. The most common Petrissage techniques are: Effleurage: This is a light, stroking petrissage technique that is used to warm up the muscles and prepare them for deeper techniques. Pinch and Squeeze: This technique involves pinching and squeezing the muscle tissue between the thumb and fingers. Pushing and Pulling: This technique involves pushing and pulling the muscle tissue with the palms of the hands. Raking: This technique involves using the fingertips to rake across the muscle tissue. Kneading: This technique involves using the palms of the hands to knead the muscle tissue in a circular motion.